RCBO 4 Pole Electrical Series Rcbo Residual Current Breaker Overload

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S7LE-80  series lealage cirouft breaker is suitable for AC 5OHZ60HZ rated voltage AC400.415V, rated current to 8oA circuit, as personal shock equipment leakage protection and has overload, short circuit, leakage protection function, and can be customized with over -voltoge protection Leakege action current adjustable product, also can be used as the line of infrequent conversion

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use condition

· Ambient air temperature ambient or temperature average not exceedng 35 degrees and degreeswithin 24H
· Altitude: altitude of installation site not exceeding 2000m
· Atmospheric conditions: The air relative humidity of the installation place does not exceed 50% 4at the maximum temperature of 40 hours above 20:00 the relative humidity does not exceed 90%
· Installation method adopt standard guideway installation(TH35-7.5).
· Pollution class: ll class
· Installation condition instalation place The external magnetic field should not exceed
5times the geomagnetic field in any direction, Leakage circuit breaker is generaly installed vertically, the handle is connected to the power supply position and there should be no significant impact and vibration in the installation place
· Connection made: screw connection

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