Main Product

S7DC Mini Circuit breaker

· DC 1000V 63Amp
· It is suitable for Protection to DC circuit overload and short circuit
· complies with IEC898 and GB10963 Standard

· DC 1000V 63Amp</br>

·  It is suitable for Protection to DC circuit overload and short circuit</br>
·  complies with IEC898 and GB10963 Standard

All our own QC staffs are responsible for performing

Stringent quality inspections under ISO 9001:2000


Wenzhou Hawai Electron & Electric Manufacture Co., Ltd. also known as YUANKY was started in 1989.YUANKY has more than 1000 employees, covering an area of more than 65000 square meters. We own modern production lines and high controlling equipment with scientific administration, professional engineers, high trained technicians and skilled workers. YUANKY integrates R & D, production, sales, and service to form a complete electronic and electrical solution..

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