Switch 1P 2P 3P 400V 100A disconnector switch with lock isolator air break switch

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Wholesale 3 Pole 400V 100A ELCB disconnector switch isolator air break switch



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Scope of application

R7 series small discornnector is suitable for AC 50HZ,rated working voltage 400V and below rated current 125A and below distribution box control loop,mainly used as the main switch of terminal appliances, but also used to control all kinds of motors,Small power electrical appliances and lighting,with obvious sub,off-state indication and state locking function,super longevity and other advantages the product conforms to GB144048.3 and IEC60947-3 standard

Use condition

· Ambient air temperature: ambient air temperature average not exceeding 35 degrees and degrees within 24H
· Altitude: altitude of installation site not exceeding 2000m
· Atmospheric conditions The air relative humidity of the installation place does not exceed 50%
· At the maximum temperature of 40 hours above 20:00 the relative humidity does not exceed 90% Installation method adopt standard guideway installation(TH35-7.5)
· Pollution class: 3 class
· Connection mode: screw connection.


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