MCCB high breaking capacity intelligent HWM3EL Smart Moulded Case Circuit Breakers wifi

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The Main Function&Characteristics

1 HMM2EL applies 32 digit ARM CPU.In real time,it can handle signals and realize itelligent control,
2.This device has friendly interface through LCD,and easy to operate.
3.Hesidual current.(earth leakage).prolection,with residual current adjustable,and can be reclosed.
4.In feal time,it can monitor and trace the residual current,adjust steps:automatically,to guarantee the product operation rate and relbility,
5.Long time delay,short time delay and instaneous time protection,it applies electronic tip,and has no concerns with power voltage. owrns high breaking guarantee the flbility at short circuit protection in lies.
7.t owns protection of over voltage,under voltage,phase loss;
8.In real time 1o display the rsidual current,three phase power voltage.and load current:
9.The protection function and parameter can be setup and moditled online.
10.Trlp types(resldual current,lock,overload,under voltage,over voltage.phase Ioss),recognize,display,and can be restored,check and deleted;
11.Network tpe owns communication function,it can realize remotely communication,measure,control,and adjust.

Auto Reclose

While the resi dual current exceeds action current value gear and trip, the device will auto reclose after 20-60 seconds, while manually reclose is not imited. The device reclosed for 5 seconds and the circuit taulty disappeared. it reclose successtully, and the breeker runs nomally; Otherwise. the device will trip and lock itl circult tauly not removed, The device won’ t aulo feclose and requires manually operation to teclose.

Over voltage Protection

While the line voltage is higher than the setup protection value, the breaker will trip. While the line voltage recovers to normal, the breaker will auto reclose and run. The voltage satup value range is. 250-300V. normally, setup 280V while manufacture. The customer can set up or clase this protecton as needed.

Under vltage Potectin

While the line vllage is lower than the setup protection value,the breaker will trip.While the line vllage recovers to normal,the breaker will auto reclose and run.The vltage setup value range is 150-200V.normally setup 170V while manufacture,The customer can set up or close this protection a8 needed.

Phase Loss Protection

While the line terminal has phase loss, the breaker will trip. The breaker will auto reclose and run while the phase loss clrcult faulty disappears.

Interink Communication Protection

This device may connect with other fire extinguishing equipment and owns protection as below.

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