Vector Electrical supply HW12V Series High Performanee Vector Control Frequeney Inverter

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YHF9V Series frequency inverter has good effect energy saving, fine speed adjustment, stable running, soft start, protection function and self diagnostics fault and other advantages.

●Advanced vector control algorithm, combine with accurate speed calculation and self learning of the motor parameter. It can realize the accuracy control of motor speed and torque under no-speed sensor mode. VIF and SVC can be selected.

●Optimized space voltage vector PWM modulation technique, over modulation, high Voltage-utiliz ation, low output harmonic, and it greatly improves the stability of the motor and switching losses.

●Good operation characteristic of low frequency running, can be realized 0.5Hz/150% torque output under no-speed sensor mode.

●LED display and removable keypad. display frequency, current, parameters. error and etc. the user can operate easily.

●Control terminals can be analog voltage output. current output and digital pulse output. Voltage, current, pulse. COM and other multiple frequency setting mode. It can achieve the overlay function of different sources. The frequency control mode is very flexible.

●Abundant functions: automatic voltage regulation control, automatic slip Compensation, resta-rt when power off ect. Can meet the demand of diferent clients.

●Customization function design: program running, wobble frequency running, PID control ope-ration, timing function, counter functions ect. can be convenient to form and meet the different industrial application.

●Built-in RS485 Port, Compat with MODBUS communication protocol, It can realize network control.

●Super strong protection function: Over voltage, over current, over load, under voltage, over heat, short circuit and so on, can offer more than 20 kinds fault protection function for clients.


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