Starter Q7 plastic case Iron case 9-95A IP55 magnetic starter switch

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Q7(Plastic Case) Series Magnetic Starter (thereinafter referred to as starter) is mainly used for AC 50Hz or 60Hz. rated working pressure to 660V, power to 22KW three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor starting. continuous operation, overload operation of motor and its circuit protection. and artificial power supply circuit for breaking the motor.

The starter and MS-K have the same functions and can be used interchangeably. It is an ideal replacement for old products such as QC10.

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Normal working conditions and installation condition

♦1~5pairs of ACcontactors;
♦The inclination of the mounting surface and the vertical surface does not exceed 30°
♦It should be installed in places where is no significant vibration and shock.

Structural features

♦The Q7 series magnetic starter is made of spray-coated iron shell. The shell is beautiful, the shellis dirm and closed, and it can adapt to the harsh outdoor working environment. The starter has a phase-break protection function that prevents accidents in which the motor is damaged by single-phase operation due to phase failure.
♦The Q7 series magnetic starters produced by our company are widely used in the air compressor manufacturing industry.

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