Meter 0~ 999999. 9kwh 1.5(6)A 5(20)A 10(40)A 20(80)A NB-IoT rail type single-phase prepaid energy meter

Short Description:

NB-IoT loT water meter high security, reliable network, deep coverage, multiconnection, low power consumption, low cost can better solve the problems of traditional water meters and smart water meters, and can better meet the development needs of the water industry. With the wide application of new technologies such as Internet of Things and cloud computing, smart water based on NB-IoT technology will become one of the indicators of the level of information management in smart cities.

Product Detail

Product Tags

 Name  Explanation Configuration
Parameter measurement  U, I, P, Q, S, PF, F, etc. Standard
Energy measurement  Single-phase (three-phase) energy measurement Standard
Fee control  Remote charge control, pay the electricity first, then use electricity, built-in relay to achieve local opening and closing Standard
Overload protection  Real-time detection of power value, if it exceeds the threshold, it will automatically trip, remove the fault point and restore the power supply after inserting the electricity sales card Standard
display  7-digit segment code LCD paging wheel display Standard
Communication  RS485 interface, Modbus–RTU protocol, NB-IoT protocol Matching
Vicious load control  Detect instantaneous step power, if it is greater than the set value, automatically trip, remove the vicious load and insert the relay closing card or send the closing command to restore power supply Matching

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