Should you buy Amazon Smart Plug: Is this right for you?

Amazon Smart Plug adds Alexa controls to any device, but is this the right choice for your needs? We will take you through
The Amazon Smart plugin is Amazon’s own way to add smart controls to any device through Alexa. The smart plug is a very useful little bit of the smart home kit, it allows you to control “clumsy” appliances, such as lights and any other items that can be connected to the mains-they can be turned on or off via a smartphone, or they can be automatically dispatched .
You can start the coffee machine before going downstairs. It feels like someone is at home when the house is empty, and there are more. Here, we will study one of the most outstanding devices on the market: Amazon Smart Plug.
If you are buying a smart home device, then you are likely to see a lot of mentioned smart plugs-maybe it is not possible to know exactly what they are and how they work. There are many manufacturers that manufacture and sell smart plugs, but they all have common functions.
First, once these smart plugs are connected to a power outlet, they can be controlled via the companion app on the phone. Many devices work via Wi-Fi connections, although some devices use Bluetooth and/or instead of Wi-Fi. When the smart plug is turned on and off, the device connected to it will also turn on and off.
Almost all smart plugs on the market can work as planned, so they can (for example) be turned off after a certain number of hours and minutes, or turned on at a specific time of the day, and so on. This is where smart plugs start to become particularly useful in smart home settings.
Add voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, these simple devices actually have more features than you think. They are probably most commonly used with lights, turning “clumsy” devices into “smart” devices, which can then be easily integrated with your other smart home settings.
As you might expect from the Amazon hardware department, Amazon Smart Plug is not too high in functionality-it sticks to the basics of Smart Plug, which is good (Smart Plug is very basic anyway). The basic features are reflected in an affordable price, and the device will not cost you too much at all (check the widget on this page for the latest deals).
Amazon Smart Plug can of course be used with Alexa and can be configured through the Alexa app. After the setup is complete, if you can hear the Alexa device (such as Amazon Echo) in the headset, you can control it with voice. Otherwise, you can do it through the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android device.
You can turn the Amazon Smart Plug on or off immediately (for example, turn on or off the connected fan as the temperature changes), or you can make it work as planned. The Smart Plug can also be part of any routine you set up with Alexa, so when you greet Amazon’s digital assistant with a pleasant “Good Morning” command, the Smart Plug may open automatically along with several other gadgets.
With its low price and simple operation, Amazon Smart Plug can easily become one of the best smart plugs currently available. It is worth mentioning that it depends on Alexa-it cannot be used with Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant, so if you want to keep smart home options open, it may not be the ideal choice.
As we have already mentioned, you have many choices when choosing a smart plug. You can buy excellent devices from many manufacturers, including TP-Link’s Kasa plugs, and Hive Active Plugs that match other HIve devices neatly (as you wish).
Since smart plug-ins are fully similar in functionality, one of the most important considerations when buying is which smart home ecosystem each plug-in supports: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or something else entirely. You will choose a device that can be used with all other devices.
The good news is that many companies that manufacture smart home devices (such as Amazon) have smart plugs (such as Amazon Smart Plug) in their product range. For example, there is a Philips Hue smart plug and an Innr smart plug, which will be neatly integrated with Innr smart lights and other similar kits you may have set up at home.
Make sure that the smart plug you buy is reasonably priced and can work well with your existing accessories-so if your smart home is already heavily operated by Alexa, then Amazon Smart Plug is a wise choice. If you think you might need Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit support or use it with Alexa, you’d better put it somewhere else.
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Post time: Nov-27-2020