Nintendo Switch version 11.0 updates Nintendo Switch online and media sharing

Nintendo has launched a brand new update for its Switch console, making it easier for users to access Nintendo Switch Online and transfer screenshots and captured images to other devices.
The latest update (version 11.0) was released on Monday night, and the biggest change gamers will see is related to the Nintendo Switch Online service. This service not only allows Switch owners to play games online, but also enables them to save data to the cloud and access the NES and SNES era game libraries.
Nintendo Switch Online can now be found at the bottom of the screen, instead of an application used with other software, and now has a brand new UI that can inform gamers which games they can play online and which old games they can play.
A new “copy to computer via USB connection” function has been added under “System Settings”> “Data Management”> “Manage Screenshots and Videos”.
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Post time: Dec-12-2020