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Lisbon-The Rural Public Affairs Committee finally completed the plan and plans to abandon the plan to replace all water meters immediately after the funds are in place.
BPA voted at this week’s meeting to accept a $522,540 offer from Trumbull Industries to provide 1,423 modern electric meters that can be read electronically in handheld devices operated by employees in offices or trucks. The bid is the lowest of the five received and is within the engineer’s estimate.
BPA has been hoping to replace its meters for many years. The voluntary replacement program began in 2011, but only 370 customers chose to purchase the new meter, which was initially offered at a discounted price of $67. One year later, the cost increased to $205, and the meter was only replaced when it failed.
BPA cancelled this method in 2017, adding $2.50 to each residential and commercial customer’s bill each month. The plan is to start generating more money so that the village can begin to gradually replace electricity meters until all meters are replaced.
BPA decided last year to replace all of these people at the same time and hired Howells & Baird’s Salem Engineering Company to assist them.
The village intends to obtain a low-interest loan from the Ohio Water Development Agency to pay for the project, and the $2.5 fee generated is sufficient to repay the loan. The village council is using the $23,000 from the village’s federal COVID-19 assistance grant to assist BPA, as this will reduce employee contact with customers during the pandemic.
The new meter will eliminate the time-consuming practice of going to the door for several weeks each month, allowing these workers to perform other tasks.
Hoover said this new type of water meter is so advanced that it can alert the office whenever water consumption increases significantly, which is usually a sign of a waterline interruption.
Customers can download an app to allow them to monitor water consumption. If the water meter has a problem or has been tampered with, the water meter can also alert the water department.
“I think it will be better for our customers and villages because we can detect leaks faster. It will be better along the way.” Hoover said.
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