Ideas for virtual gatherings: considerations for hosting events

If the Grinch steals Christmas, this pandemic prevents us from fully celebrating the rest of the winter holidays. It turns out that this is another standby season. According to the government’s latest recommendations, vacation travel is discouraged, and digital gatherings seem to be the most prudent way to connect with friends and family.
If you want to host your own streaming performance, please keep in mind something to pay attention to. And since the Emily Posts literature does not cover virtual events, we contacted four hostesses and provided them with best practices for digital cocktail parties, jam sessions and wine tastings. Chin, bottom up, and continue reading.
As an event designer, she is known for her “doubling the effort” approach. For a long time, Gardner has provided resources for party hosts who seek to create an unforgettable night. Her philosophy includes patterns on patterns, endless flowers and playfulness. This fall, she opened her own house and party online store, where you can find all her favorite things-Portuguese lines, Murano glassware and paper hat gadgets for added fun. Here are Gardner’s best practices.
I think it’s great that gathering people all over the world are thinking about ways to continue the holiday tradition. However, I am afraid of the invitation to participate in virtual events. There are technical difficulties, and then sitting in front of the computer screen to eat and feel fear. I recommend keeping these virtual gatherings short and sweet, but they are equally memorable. Why not join friends and family for the pre-dinner toast and bedtime party calls?
Plan a special menu, encourage group cooking, and then arrange two Zoom calls at the set time before and after dinner. Arrange them around 30 minutes before dinner and later in the evening so as not to disturb your meal.
Paperless Post has an entire category of virtual parties. You can include a “zoom” link in the text. I like the options in the Happy Menocal illustration (she also made beautiful menu cards for my shop).
We have been staring at the same space for months and decorating tables is a great way to create a festive environment. Order flowers! Dim the lights! dress up! Hang the lantern! No matter how small the group is, don’t let anything ruin your table setting. You can show off your decorations during a Zoom call, but please do not use the “photogenic background” unless it is too outrageous and hysterical.
I am a disciple of Priya Parker (she wrote “The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters”). The host should always be aware of the occasion, regardless of the format. This is a way to make work meaningful.
This year, the key is to plan ahead and make efforts, because Zoom calls are used for business meetings. Wear a wild hat, catchy love poems, or let the children sing funny songs. Any add pancakes. Sending silly party masks and hats, or these party cookies, which have costume jewelry on them, and a fun living room game such as “Pretend you are melting snowman”, it’s really fun. Of course, your relatives can do this excitedly.
Attending the Aeron Lauder dinner is to learn the art of etiquette. The designer who inherited his grandmother’s vision of design and social style shared his wisdom in the new book “Rizzoli”. She said that entertainment should be easy and fun, even if it’s coffee for two people lying in bed or entertaining immediate family members for dinner. Lauder’s best practices are as follows.
The best way to hold a virtual event is to maintain privacy and privacy. If we learn anything during this time, I think this is the importance of attention to detail. I like to have afternoon tea with friends and family. This is a great way to end the day.
I can’t lie, I’m still not the best person to use Zoom, my sons may have to help me organize this event. But now it feels like a good place to communicate, get together and create new memories.
For afternoon tea, I suggest you pre-set everything you may need-your tea set, sugar and milk. I have been using my Ginori 1735 Granduca tea series recently. I also always have a small vase full of flowers and a bowl full of edelweiss mixed chocolate. I have been using our new Lattea vase throughout the quarantine process because it is made of glass and looks beautiful in any environment. Then, I suggest you boil the water before the activity starts so that you can fully enjoy the time with your guests. You can communicate with them in advance, so no one is in the kitchen during the call.
I’m very old-fashioned and always like invitations in emails, but for virtual events, digital invitations seem the most appropriate. I like to create custom digital invitations to make people excited about the event. I like to work with watercolor painters such as Happy Menocal, Kinshippress and Clementina sketchbooks to make the guests feel handicraft and special.
I am still used to doing things virtual and learning best practices, but I think having a warm and attractive background is the most influential. Whenever I have guests at home, I want them to feel comfortable and enjoy. Therefore, I aim to create a virtual environment consistent with this concept. When holding a tea party, I suggest you zoom in from the living room or kitchen. Put the laptop on the side table, you can also put tea sets on it.
No matter what happens, punctuality is always encouraged. We have a lot to do at home, so thank you for any time you can attend.
Whenever I am entertaining, interesting and interesting conversations are essential to spend a pleasant evening, so it is essential to let everyone talk. This is one of the reasons why I feel strongly about holding such small and intimate events. I think it is very important to establish direct contact with your guests and make them feel different. I also always like to bring personal stories and memories into my activities to make guests feel at home. You also want your guests to be able to interact with others.
I always say that as a host, relaxation and enjoyment are important, because guests will follow your lead. I think this still applies.
I usually reserve 45 minutes for this, but in any case, it will end naturally. In my experience, guests usually learn from clues that fade away.
I always like to leave a little gift at everyone’s dining place. This is what I learned from my grandmother Estee Lauder. To continue this tradition, it may be an interesting idea to send a small gift to all guests, whether it is lighting candles during the event, bar utensils for making drinks for them, or even a monogram napkin. AERIN has also recently partnered with Social Studies, which provides the necessities to place all the beautiful tables at your doorstep. I like the idea that every guest accepts the same plates, napkins, glasses, etc. to create the most cohesive experience.
Most importantly, as a host, you should keep it simple and enjoyable. Hosts often strive for perfection, which is not easy to attract people’s attention. Some of the best activities I have been to are informal and easy going. Estee Lauder always said: “As long as it takes time, everything will become beautiful.” This quote is still suitable for today’s virtual world.
As the founder of Virtual With Us, Alex Schrecengost organized wine-centric programming for business colleagues and friends to enjoy together. Her clients range from Fortune 500 companies to large non-profit organizations hosting evening parties. All her guests will receive bottled wine and matching wine before the event, and then log in for a pleasant evening of conversation and have the opportunity to learn about the wine they drink. Here are the best practices of Schrecengost.
We do use Zoom. It is very user-friendly and has a low learning curve for those who are not familiar with it. All you need is a laptop (or even a mobile phone) and a good light source so you can see everyone’s beautiful faces.
You can send a shopping list to find wines that are easy to find, or a better one, please use us! We build a list of all wines, beer, spirits and beverages (coffee/tea) internally. I work closely with distributors, importers and retail partners across the country to find unique products, and I like to send them to you.
We encourage calling sommeliers. We want our guests to feel comfortable with wine and to learn in a pretentious, dry or judgmental environment. If you are holding a wine party at home and cannot get the services of a sommelier, you can take the role of a sommelier and read the history of the particular cocktail you are drinking, or participate in the master sommelier’s interpretation of wine tasting. description.
Facts have proved that one hour is the best time, although if everyone has a special time, they will stay longer, we definitely encourage this.
The best thing about wine is how easily it brings people together. It’s very easy to pair wine with conversation, so we talk about food and pop culture to make everyone smoother and more interesting. In addition, people like the good stories and stories about the wine they drink, so they shared some insights about the winery or the family that owns the winery.
Just like attending any party, please measure everyone’s mood and try to get everyone to turn on the camera. This changes the atmosphere of the meeting as a whole and helps to make everyone interact. Plan a fun ice-breaking meeting to fill everyone with a joyous atmosphere, such as: what are the craziest hobbies people take during the COVID, or the project they are most proud of, even if it is busy working and studying . Also, kidding! When in doubt, please make it interesting. If everyone can laugh together, then everyone will have a good time.
Unlike restaurant tables, we have an instinct to know when it ends. It’s about feeling your virtual room and seeing if people are still chatting and interacting, or if they look tired.
You can definitely suggest that your guests have chocolate and cheese on hand and take a bite in between. A perfectly matched glass of wine is always more pleasant.
As the co-founder of Club Club Global, Solano hosts weekly events on the live streaming platform Twitch. Her show showcased various talents, including DJ spinning, artist performance, poet reading, and video art. Club House Global was born in a pandemic to support a way that DJs and artists cannot interact with the audience in a traditional way. Club House Global is a club that welcomes everyone. Solano’s best practices are as follows:
absolute! The fun of all this is that streaming can be freely or perfected as you like, with a wide range!
You can use multiple platforms for live streaming. Twitch is great because of its ability to allow real-time interaction, gamify your program, and show you the huge community that already exists on the live broadcast. In addition, the more casual the better! The Twitch universe encourages intimate, unrehearsed behavior. This helps us attract the audience and make the party attractive to them.
For most live streaming applications, you will need good WiFi and a device with a camera connected. Most people think that the next step is as simple as pressing the “live” button. However, depending on the scale of the program, it may become more complicated. If you are a DJ or host, you usually need an audio interface, such as GoMixer or iRig. And it is best to install and learn OBS (Open Broadcast Software). If you want to get super technology, like we are at Club House Global, you will need technology converters like my co-founder Patrick Struys. If you have a live chat (whether on Twitch, IG Live, Facebook or Youtube Live), you may need a moderator who can ensure that convo remains active and appropriate. My third partner and executive producer Anjali Ramasunder at CHG is a master in this area. All of us wear a lot of hats, because the live broadcast space is in the wild west, you need all your hands on the deck.
You can adopt many of the same IRL habits when planning to promote your own information flow. Design flyers, post information on social media, and then send the information through newsletters, text threads, etc. When determining when you want the video stream to start, consider the audience’s time zone and when other live streams occur. And don’t forget to add a direct link to your stream!
Live broadcast ratings fluctuate and are unpredictable. This is something you must get used to. It does not work like an IRL event. People will appear suddenly and then return to your stream. Some procedures last two hours, some last 24 hours. It depends on your bandwidth and streaming goals. For example, do you want to raise money? Or just hanging out with friends? Do you have 10 DJs/artists preparing to perform one every hour, or are you two? Sometimes, the best way to determine the best fit for you is to test it!
Once you have an audience, whether in your Zoom meeting room or on a public platform, you absolutely want to welcome everyone. Let the audience know what they are adjusting, and provide them with a map of the program. Remember, people will show up at different times, and it’s best to admit it.
When someone is on the microphone, the live audience reacts the most. Especially when you talk directly to the chat, answer questions, comment on the music being played, etc. Think of it as a live podcast. A good host will make you feel like you are just two people in the room. Listeners will be muted, so most of the interaction will be in the chat. Be open to comments and ignore any trolls.
The best way to make sure your audience has fun is to make sure you have fun. Energy is contagious, and now you are the commander of resonance. You won’t be able to see your audience, so you can always ask if the chat is interesting. Once the audience actually connects with you, they will turn into fans. So keep in touch with yourself!
Generally, before streaming, you should have a rough schedule for live broadcast time. Especially if you want to promote the program in advance. In addition, if you plan to continuously stream media to build an online audience, you want to stream media at the same time and hour once a week.
absolute! You always want to thank the audience for attending, especially if you want them to come back for the next live broadcast. Again, apply the same IRL habit for this-send thank you messages via social media, newsletters or text. Call out specific people who are loyal to your information flow and cultivate your digital community.
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