Astro game room puzzle pieces: where to find all the puzzle pieces

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If you plan to complete cute murals in the PlayStation Labo area, you need to collect all Astro Playroom puzzles. In each of the four areas (cooling spring, memory meadow, GPU jungle and SSD racing track), there are 16 Astro Playroom puzzles to collect, but some puzzles can also be found in CPU Plaza. Of course, you can find the remaining 28 Astro Playroom puzzles in the gapon machine on the back of the PlayStation Labo area.
Walk from the entrance of the CPU Plaza to the left side of the room, where there is a small ramp and a few wires pierced from the wall. Grab these and you will find some platforms you can climb.
Continue to move the platform upwards until you reach the second set of tow lines. There will be a number of new platforms, including balance beams. Drive left in this direction, jump off the bounce board, and you will find the first puzzle piece spinning above the left platform.
On the other side of the square, you will reach half of the area, which is filled with small mobile platforms on metal rails. At the top, there is another set of wires on the right that can be pulled. However, before doing this, go left, and another puzzle lurks on the small piece.
Next time you look for the power button, you can click it to change it from red to green. Bounce on the exposed mat and eventually you will be on a high platform. Walk along the beam to the edge and grab the puzzle pieces hanging there.
In addition to the aforementioned platform part, the basement also has a fourth puzzle piece for the CPU square. Go down the stairs to the main floor. There is a puzzle hidden in the lower left corner. You can reveal it by pulling all three wires on the ground.
In this small open world hub, there is a puzzle piece inside the back of the box, just to the left of the starting area, right in front of the giant fan, pushing sand towards your face.
There is a wooden wharf that extends to the sea behind the area. At the end of the dock are three wire harnesses that can be pulled in a square. Doing this, you will find the puzzle pops out of your head.
Back on the beach, use the parasol next to the two sunbeds to bounce you to the higher one. In the sky above the taller umbrella is another problem.
On the left side of the entire level is a set of two bright blue pillars. The back of the closest puzzle is one of four puzzles.
After putting on the frog suit for the first time, the first puzzle is on the left. There is a huge glass panel on the left side of the starting position, you can jump in and smash it. Inside is a small room full of coins and the first puzzle.
Later, you will find a section where you have to jump up some inclined platforms vertically. The second puzzle is located in the upper left corner of this section and is hard to miss.
The third puzzle is not too far from the second puzzle. Pass through the water lily leaves and wait for the third water lily to rise. From here, through the glass pane on the right, there is another small room with coins and a puzzle in it.
Conveniently, the fourth puzzle is almost impossible to miss. Starting from the third position, follow the route, at the far left end of the corridor.
The first puzzle piece is conveniently located on the left side of the starting area in Frigid Floes. Look for the igloo, and then go around the igloo (or smash it) to find the small platform next to the first puzzle.
The second puzzle piece is located near the exit of the first area of ​​Frigid Floes. You can slide over an icy ramp, but don’t jump to the next platform and descend at its end. A puzzle is hidden under the platform.
Glide to a covered area, and then you will slide down an icy slope. Keep left, there are two crashed platforms to move on. The top of the second puzzle is the next puzzle.
Drive along the horizontal line until you reach the point where you need to ride a floating platform in the icy rapids. You need to turn the spinner vigorously to release the first one, and then jump to the second one. From here, you will be able to easily complete the last puzzle.
The first puzzle piece is to the left of the starting point of the area. Jump on the metal pressure pad and it will open two platforms. Jump to the higher one and you will be able to grab the puzzle.
The second part is not too far away. Reach the water lily and ride along it, crossing all obstacles. Just before the end of the journey, you need to carefully jump to a wider platform with a huge coin on it. This will enable you to reach the upper platform, on which you will find the puzzle.
At the next checkpoint where you need to check some glass blocks, make sure to leave up or to the left when leaving at the top before moving on. There is a puzzle on the ledge there.
After the rotating hexagon crosses the part of the frozen water, you will press a button that will make the lily pad appear. Jump on the mat, ride on the water. The last puzzle piece is immediately on the small platform on your left.
In the first area of ​​[insert area name here], drive toward the cliff face toward the leftmost platform. There are two spiked caterpillars on the outer edge of the platform.
Beat these and you will see blue flowers that can be rotated by pressing the square button of Astro’s charging hole punch. The flowers will grow and sprout disc-shaped leaves. You can use them to access a series of platforms on the right. On the second platform, right after the PS1 controller cable walk, this is your first problem.
When you reach the second checkpoint, cross the platform to the left with another spike caterpillar, and then continue to the left. Pull the punctured wire from the wooden wall and use the exposed bounce board to reach the rope above. Walk through it-avoid the same spiked bird-to reveal the second puzzle.
Go to the second checkpoint from Puzzle 2 in the area and defeat the aforementioned caterpillars walking around the platform. On the platform behind it, a slightly higher line protrudes from the ground. Pull them and you will find an explosive canister. Grab it and return to the platform where the caterpillar is. There are two slowly rotating panels on the right with yellow angry faces. Use your jar to destroy these two jars (return to grab another jar from the wire source) and you will find another puzzle.
Work on the right hand side of the area to jump between panels and grab it-along with some coins. Don’t forget to admire our last Easter egg.
Before you reach the markings in the next section, there is a wooden suspension bridge. Go through it and descend to the hidden ledge on the left. Here, you will find the last piece of the puzzle in this section.
When you are wearing a monkey suit, go up the first part until you reach the platform and the first checkpoint. Here, you must grab a small chip that moves like a zipper. On this first moving part, pay attention to the yellow hand on the left and grab it as much as possible. This will show an alternative path through the left.
From here, grab the exposed zipper and lift the handle upwards (note the pink handles that cause the rock to move). Grab the second zipper and wrap it around the first puzzle piece.
The second problem is just after the next checkpoint, which is very obvious. Just skip to the first swing part and then move to the second one. Tilt your DualSense to the left and shoot on the right.
In the second jigsaw puzzle, finding the third jigsaw puzzle is just a case of going along the route. Swing up to the next measure, and then raise your hand up again. Once you put down the monkey’s paw on the beam above the third puzzle, it will appear between the two swing beams.
The fourth is actually near here. On the right side of this group of bars, there is a white solo handle that you need to flip. Grabbing this point will reveal a new section with a rotating D-Pad that you can climb over to grab the last piece of the puzzle in that area.
At the beginning of this level, the first puzzle is correct. A bunch of Astro’s friends playing Ninja Bots on PS4 is a bunch of wires that stick out from the ground. Pull them to reveal a totem, which is your first puzzle piece.
Behind the first checkpoint in the area, there is actually a secret gangway that is easy to miss. Go down the slope and then on the steps behind the devil soul tribute. This is your second puzzle piece.
Later, you will find a rope that will be blown away by the wind when you start to cross. Jump down from the middle of the rope (with the help of the wind to help you) and reach the platform on the right. Press and hold the square to perform a rotating attack on the flowers to reveal a brand new column. Climb it, and the third puzzle is on the platform near the top.
After defeating the dragon, you will be able to move on until you reach the end of the area. However, before you pass the cable completely to the next part, take a look at the gap in the cliff on your right. Hit the angry face target with a bow and arrow (don’t worry, if you lose the check point, there is a replacement under the wire next to the check point) with a cable. This will release a new area that contains the last puzzle piece of that part.
More antics from the mountain. In the main board area, the distance between the first puzzle piece and this traversal piece is not too far. After navigating the first rocket, the first puzzle piece can swing upwards.
Follow the swing lever, and you will find that the second puzzle piece is not too far away and is visible again.
After the part that must be moved on the handheld device on the rotating cylinder, you will reach the checkpoint. Jump to the second swing bar from here, but when you move away from there, keep going to the right and fall down the canyon to collect the third puzzle.
Continue to move from the puzzle piece three down to the hidden area, because the fourth puzzle is also carefully hidden in this area. Some handles lead out from this secret passage, and the bottom of these handles is yellow. Usually, this means you will be given coins when you pick it up, but this is the fourth puzzle piece. ghost!
In the first area with cats and flowers, you can easily reach the elevated arch via the wire rope on the left. Go here, cross the small gap and get the first puzzle piece in the area.
Walk across the wire from the first area to the second grass platform. There is a cloud of dark clouds blowing in the wind, but the closest outcrop is your second puzzle piece.
Start here until you reach the second clay pit area. On the opposite corner of your arrival, is the third puzzle, it is sitting there spinning, waiting for you. And it’s near the death stranding reference!
When you reach the second half of the area, it will start to rain. For the last piece of the puzzle, go to the back of the first rainy area and find a kind of shelter with a robot on it and a heavy rain reference below. (Hint, stand yourself a little below the shelter to unlock a secret achievement.) Stand on the top of the shelter, then jump to the tall platform on the right to make the final piece of the puzzle.
When you become a ball for the first time and fly to the pink grass, look for the second bridge on the left side of the area. Below is the first puzzle.
The second piece of the puzzle is the next part on the tarmac. It is located on the left above some music buttons.
Just before you cross the specific PlayStation One controller into the ball’s track, go right and backtrack on your own track-along the path marked with a cone-and bounce off the striped platform. High above it is the third puzzle.
If you get the ball wrong, it is easy to miss the fourth puzzle, so when you reach the last part of the area, place it smoothly. Pass under the PS1 cushion arch and enter the racing track itself. After the clouded part, the track will be divided into two parts. Keep it right, and then the puzzle moves along this track.
Starting from the starting point, bounce on the two cloud platforms to reach the first checkpoint; use the jumping pad, and then pull the wires to expose some platforms so that you can reach the next area. Here, put a hidden bouncer behind the yellow coin box, which will take you to a platform with a spinner, and you can blow it into the clouds.
Doing so will find a hidden sunlit area behind the clouds, and the first puzzle.
After this section, you will ride on a glowing pink motherboard-style platform and have to avoid some electrical barriers. The leap between them, and the second problem is the gap.
The third piece of the puzzle is also obvious-and surrounded by electricity. As you complete the levels step by step, you will be asked to navigate to the flipping platform on which one side will emit momentum. Skip the first two, then four blocks. The third puzzle piece hangs in the middle.
In the later part of the level-towards the end-there is a part where you need to jump between different platforms, and these platforms also happen to have huge squares falling between them. Well, before solving this problem, please reopen yourself at the checkpoint and then jump across the cloud platform. From here, you can jump on top of the Giant TV when it falls, and when it rises, you will be able to grab the last piece of the puzzle.
In the pinball zone, take a moment to knock down all the pushpins hovering around the elastic enemy in the top center. Doing so will raise it to reveal the puzzle below.
Still in the pinball area, at the top left of the first puzzle piece is a small button. Get yourself into trouble, and then you will start the final second jigsaw puzzle.
After the pinball zone, you will slide down an ice road. Hidden on the edge of the last step is the second puzzle. All you need to do is roll back and get it.
The next one is just ahead, on a circular platform just above the icy road section, lurking under another resilient enemy.
The old saying is “It’s behind you!” For this reason, from the beginning of the level, if you turn back 180 degrees, you will find that there are two moving platforms leading to a second, larger static platform. Let yourself pass, then use the jumping thruster to smash the glass you will find embedded in the platform. This will display a jumping mat, which you can use to reach the first puzzle piece.
The second time when you become the glider in this section, what you want to aim at is the center of the ring decorated with a lot of PlayStation icons, because the second puzzle is right in the center of the first puzzle.
The third puzzle piece is just before the platform where you landed at the end of the third (and last) glider section. Therefore, please make sure to aim the target at the collected target while taxiing.
The last puzzle piece in this section is located under the same platform (the platform before the rocket). On the left side of the big tree next to the neon arch, there is a short step leading to the platform below. There is a thin-walled alcove, and the fourth puzzle is at the end.
After turning into a rocket, go to the first checkpoint. There is a place immediately after this, you can drag and drop it to the left. There are convenient marks on the coins, so just drop it here and collect the first puzzle.
Continue to enter the first area of ​​the rocket until you see a row of small bombs in the rocky area. Use your rocket jets to ignite their fuses and make them explode, which will reveal the secret area hidden below. Here, you will find a large number of coins and a second puzzle piece.
For the third part, start from the secret area in the second part and follow the two sets of charged wires step by step. As you see the third group, go down and right to another hidden area. Above you is the spider web, but continue to the third puzzle on the right.
The last piece of the puzzle in this section is after you return the rocket suit. On that platform, descend below the ground, then smash the glass in the right rear corner of the room with a jumping force to grab the puzzle.
The first problem is the starting point of the deep data space. From the beginning, turn to the left, then a metal circular platform with three flowers. Stand in the middle and release all three rotating attacks at the same time to raise the entire platform, revealing the puzzle in it.
The second puzzle is actually also located in this starting area. Directly opposite the starting point, take a look at the gangway leading between the two platforms. There is a handful of grass and plants below this. Here behind the platform, is your second part.
The next puzzle piece is hidden behind a huge brick, and you need to use flexible house-like scaffolding to jump up. Raise your head to the top of the platform, then descend to the platform on the other side. Rotate the camera and it sits in a small alcove inside the module itself.
From the checkpoint located on the small circular platform covered with purple grass, jump to the place of the bomb enemy next to a strange white structure. Use the jump booster to light the fuse of the bomb and avoid them when the bomb explodes. It will explode the ground below, revealing the third puzzle.
The first problem is the journey itself. Soon after you start exploring the area, you will have to enter the asteroid through a small circular entrance. It is full of water, but on the left is your first puzzle.
Soon after finding the first puzzle, the first checkpoint of the orbital obstacle was on another asteroid. From this checkpoint, drive down to the right, and once you pass the electric spike, you can actually enter the asteroid. Inside is your second puzzle.
Inside the spacecraft, go through an extended procedure and enter the checkpoint through the exposed patch panel (it has a turret enemy on its left side, next to it). From here, continue to the left until you see the third puzzle.
After browsing the tube with bare wires and a fan, the last piece of the puzzle in the area is just outside the checkpoint you can reach. You will see it hanging between electric enemies and more exposed wires for shooting-and of course precise jet movement.
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