Circuit Breaker Electrical Supplier Distributed Photovoltic Recloser

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 Product Name  electrical supplier Distributed Photovoltic Recloser
 Pole  2P,4P
 Rated Current(A)  6~80A
 Rated Voltage (V)  230/400V AC


HW55R is widely used tor electric power protection and. auto reclose. Such as power meter recloser to feplace shunt reply inside.↓
1.HW55PV will disconnect the line while the input power is of It will be auto-tripped even to reclose manually,
2.HW55PV will auto reclose the power 3 seconds atter the input power recovers, which will highly reduce impact of photovotalc power supply to main power grid.
3.HW55PV will delay for 3 seconds to disconnect the power, to avold * island ffct”completely.
4. HW55UV: Over/Indervollage protection added.


Compact:HW55PV&HW55UV is 18mm Isell worked together with MCB,total 3 module or 5 module;
High capacity:raled current is maximum to 80A:
Rleclose fast;It may reclose within 0.5 seconds,and trip within 02 seconds,fast and safe
Rliability:It is driven internally and simultaneously with full rilabilily and long lte.
Easy wiring:power supplied itemally,wiring connection is completely the same as normal MCB,very easy.

 HW55UV:Over/Under-voltage protection characteristic below

Rated Voltage:230VAC/1P,2P:400VAC/3P,4P
Under-otage(V):170±5V(Phase Voltage)
Under woltage(V)to Reclose:190 t 5V(Phase Volltage)
Over-votage(V):270±5V(Phase Vltage)
Over vollage(V)to Reclose:250 t 5V(Phase Volltage)
Time delay to reclose(S):60+ 5S

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