Connector YUANKY Fast Insert Joint Series Pure metal Pneumatic Fast Connector pneumatic fittings quick connector

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Fast Insert Joint Series


Various model with simple design, meet al demands of pneumatic laying of pipes. The plastlc pipe can rotate freely after installation. The release ring adopted eliptie design, easy to dismount.

All awl tube thread pre-coated PTEF leakproof gum, with excellent sealing property. AlI SPC model direct connection joint have internal hexagonal hole for easy installation in narrow space.

Stop valve joint can flow the air in two direction when connecting pipes, and stop flowing if drawing out the pipe, which can ensure the secunity when maintenance. 

Technical data

Fluid available Filtered compressed air
Pressure range 0-10.2kgf/cm2(0~1.0Mpa)
Negative pressure -750mm Hg(10 Torr)
Usage environment and fUuid temp 0-60 ℃
Suitable flexible pipe PU Nylon or PU

Products are widely used in metallurgy, vessels, aviation,petroleum, chemical engineering, shipside, transport,hydroelectricity, architecture,upkeep auto-plant remedy instru-ment and teaching device and so on produce factory.